Reparation de Piscine/Expert Leak Detection Engineers

Leak Master’s Engineer’s are fully trained in all aspects of Leak Detection arranging from domestic plumbing and Heating Systems to Swimming Pools, spa and water feature displays using high tech Pool Leak Detection Equipment

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To accurately find leaks in your property, we have invested our money in to the latest technology to detect leaks most accurately. However, we are constantly upgrading our facilities and tools and adapting to newer, faster methods of detecting leaks which aids us in keeping any damages (which might occur) to a minimum.

Thermal Imaging Cameras & Damp-meters

This is by far the most common leak detection resource and provides an ‘x-ray vision’. This may also be known as a thermography where the camera only picks up on heat as opposed to a picture. This proves to be extremely useful for finding concealed pipes, which are spotted through infrared radiation.

At Specialist Leak Master UK there are a few diverse types of cameras that are used, all being of very high quality; as well as thermal imaging being a good form of technology. However, we confidently believe that different methods should still be deployed to check and ensure all leaks are found as opposed to just the obvious ones.

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Electronic Listening Devices

Here, underground water leak detection is principally carried out using high-resolution acoustic technology, from world leading suppliers of leak detection equipment. In simple terms, it is a listening stick that picks up on sounds and feeds them through microphones, which are then amplified through a machine.

With one of the largest and most diverse equipment stocks in the UK, we actively test and compare results from differing technologies to ensure we constantly strive to achieve the best results for all our clients.

We use a new generation of digital systems, which not only allow us to listen to the leak noise in a broad spectrum, but we can split the noise up into frequencies to reduce spurious noise like traffic for example, and thus, concentrate solely on the leak.

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Our microphones also vary in cost and function. We use low profile for under units whilst others sit on a small frame and some have a 1000mm spike for placing in the dirt to help us with our investigation.

Best results are delivered where there is hardly any sound in the vicinity of the area, so the quieter an area, the more accurate a reading we can deliver!

Specialist Gas Tracing Equipment

Another one of our most popular methods of detection to find most leaks is a nitrogen/hydrogen gas mixture and is used for the tracer gas method. After the gas mixture flows out at the damaged spot and moves up through the soil to the surface, it is detected. It really is this simple! Thus, it is called a “tracer gas” very popularly used on concrete floors.

Extensive Pressure Testing Rigs

To accurately find leaks in your Swimming Pool or Spa  we have invested our money in to the latest Pool Leak Detection Equipment and technology to detect leaks most accurately. However, to isolate circuits we extensively employ our own pressure testing rigs which saves time and money. 

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Endoscope Cameras

This is a small camera placed on a thin snake type of rod – extremely flexible to fit down areas where not accessible! Generally, a small hole between 4-5mm is enough for the head to pass through which can be made using the means of a drill. Pool Leak Detection Equipment