Can You Find My Leak?

We are confident that we can find most leaks. This does not mean we just avoid the hard jobs, we have a broad range of equipment available and (unlike some of our competitors) each engineer carries all of this equipment to each job, including trace gas detection equipment, thermal imaging, acoustic detection and moisture mapping equipment.

Please read our T&Cs and Pool Leak Detection FAQs for full details.

What equipment Do You Carry to Each Job?

Each piece of equipment adds to the overall survey, our surveyors carry a large range of equipment, this includes equipment to carry out: Please Read Pool Leak Detection FAQs

Importantly, we carry trace gas equipment to every job, something that some others do not do or want to charge more to use. The equipment we use is of the highest quality, not all equipment is created equal!

Each job is different and our surveyor will any applicable to your situation, we have other equipment specifically for other issues such as drain cameras and leak noise correlation.

There is lots more information on our technology pages with videos of how each works and is applied to finding you leak.

Will The Leak Detection Cause any Damage ?

The idea of modern leak detection is to locate a leak without causing any damage.. Please Read Pool Leak Detection FAQs

There are times where minor access is required to inspect or confirm an issue, this is normally a bath panel being removed and in rare occasions (normally under shower trays) we might need to make a small hole the size of a pencil for a small camera to be inserted in voids and boxing.

It is important for making an insurance claim that minimal damage is caused as ‘speculative’ damage is not normally covered

How Long Does Leak Detection Take

That really is the ‘how long is a piece of string’ question! Please read Pool Leak Detection FAQs

We would always ask that we have access for the full day.

Heating takes the longest on average; most visits take at least half a day, but there are times that an issue is found much sooner.

A hot/cold water leak, will take about half a day to locate and provide a report on.

Sometimes what we think is ‘easy’ turns into a real head scratching ‘hard’ leak and vice-versa.

Will It Take More Than One Visit

Leak detection is normally carried out on a single visit please read Pool Leak Detection FAQs .

There are times where further visits are required and these are chargeable at the same rate, however this is rare and there is usually an underlying reason; Lack of access (particularly in flats) and blockages in heating systems are the normal issues. When undertaking insured works, there is normally an amount set for this of £5000 by the insurer and they will cover unavoidable re-visits.

Once the leak is located, we offer intrusive access of the leak at the same cost as leak detection. Again this is covered if you have trace and access on your buildings insurance.

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Will You Repair the Leak

In general we do not carry out repairs as standard, this is for a few reasons: Please read Pool Leak Detection FAQs

If we repair, there is an element not covered by the insurer, they have in the past argued with our customers the ratio of repair costs and tried to deduct hundreds of pounds for a £20 repair. By not carrying out permanent repair, this is avoided.

Insurance claims are 90% of our work and insurers will normally pay for the Trace (Leak Detection) and Access (Digging it up, or removing area). They will not pay for the repair, as this is maintenance. When the repair is simple (it is often a 50p fitting) the cost is in finding and getting to the leak and the restoration works required.

Also, there is a conflict of interest. Therefore if we are not carrying out the works, our recommendations are not just to produce work for ourselves…

While we are not plumbers, we will where possible make a temporary repair. We would recommend that you have a local plumber make a repair, as they can monitor any issues. We do have a number of plumbers we can recommend to you, but we think its best to have a local plumber when you can.

Once accessed, we recommend an independent plumber repairs the leak to avoid issues with insurance and covering costs (such as the repair) classed as maintenance.