But its passion for beauty and you may character is additionally intended from the Nine’s description given that “painful and sensitive and you will tuned in to the environment

But its passion for beauty and you may character is additionally intended from the Nine’s description given that “painful and sensitive and you will tuned in to the environment

If Mars the fresh new god of war epitomizes Variety of eight, following the reverse Venus , the new deity regarding love and you will bringer of tranquility, is a wonderful symbol to possess Types of 9. Venus regulations Libra, whose neighbors are well-recognized for its love of serenity, harmony and you will justice for all, and their abundant diplomatic and you will mediating event. Libras also are famous for snapsext aanmelden weighing all of the sides out-of problematic before generally making conclusion. Venus in addition to legislation Taurus, another sign of comfort and you will like, and also out of relaxed and you will focused devotion (“the good, hushed sort of”). Style of Nines are said to be persistent and you can apathetic, which matches Taurus in order to an excellent “T.” Each other cues could possibly get both overlook themselves and their commitments, and you may Libra will perform that it that with its diplomatic skills to benefit from someone. The fresh new indolence out of both cues try better-recognized, and you may Librans are specifically good at merging from inside the or losing themselves in others. As with other Enneagram types, truth be told there appears to be much more included in the icon from Venus than in Variety of Nine, that’s barely also known as “artistic” including Venus. ” Saturn’s exaltation when you look at the Libra may describe that it difference too, given that the much more pragmatic and you can depressive dictate p on the Venusian aesthetic hobbies. Ideal works by greatest Renaissance singer Albrecht Durer is called “Melancholia,” and you may with regards to the singer conveyed the brand new dictate off Saturn exalted into the Libra. The fresh Moon is even exalted when you look at the Particular 9 (because it is exalted in the Taurus), like Saturn possibly targeting the greater humdrum, plus the passive/receptive, characteristics off Nines.

The last column shows the fresh involved chakras, brand new seven energy facilities across the human lower back, that alchemical customs is actually aligned into worlds on the exact same buy. You will find plus added Uranus and you will Neptune to that particular buy.

Next table shows the relationship involving the enneagram versions, worlds and you may cues

The second desk suggests the connection between your enneagram models, globes and cues

Enneagram Style of Planet Ruling Cues Exalted Planets chakra
One Mercury Virgo, Gemini Mercury into the Virgo 5
One or two Moon Cancers Jupiter six
About three Sunlight Leo Neptune 7
Four Neptune Pisces Venus 6
Five Uranus Aquarius Mercury (strong) 7
Half a dozen Saturn Capricorn, Aquarius Mars within the Capricorn step one
Seven Jupiter Sagittarius, Pisces Venus in Pisces 2
Eight Mars Scorpio, Aries Sunrays in the Aries 3
Nine Venus Libra, Taurus Saturn in the Libra, Moonlight during the Taurus 4

Perhaps you have realized (if you know a small astronomy), the fresh new series of one’s Ennneagram Versions represents the ranks from the globes within their orbit inside the Sunshine. The sunlight and you will Moon would be the archetypal partners, the father and you may Mommy concept. They match Versions Three as well as 2 correspondingly. From there, for those who count in reverse from Particular You to definitely (Mercury), to write 9 (Venus), Types of 7 (Mars) and stuff like that over to Neptune (Variety of Five), the fresh models fall into line precisely towards the globes since you circulate outside of the Sunlight. It is possible to amount pass out-of Neptune and type Five, together with worlds coincide under control since you go inward to the sunlight and you may Moon. As you can see throughout the table, these types of ranks of your worlds are also about the sequence about zodiac of your cues they code.

As to why are the new Mercury sort of picked as Sort of One to? We have an idea. Hermes is the Greek label to possess Mercury, in addition to Egyptian name is Thoth. In alchemical and you will hermetic lifestyle, Mercury represents Hermes himself, who’s respected to be mcdougal of the lifestyle. He could be the newest magician and you will professor whom offered you the device on what it’s quite likely new Enneagram would depend. Inside alchemy, the fresh function named Mercury stands for the key to the fresh new transformative works, and in truth is included in metallurgy to split up silver off the impurities. Mercury’s adaptive stamina ‘s the reason Particular You’re known as the brand new reformer and you can idealist, the person who finds out so you can expand and you may perform the performs out-of change, and you can delivering deeper understanding with the industry.