The region covers an area of more than 69,711 km2 (26,916 sq mi), making it the third largest in metropolitan France, and has a population of 7,877,698, second only to Île-de-France.[3] It consists of 12 departments and one territorial collectivityLyon is the chef-lieu of the region.

This new region combines diverse geographical, sociological, economic, and cultural regions, which was already true of Rhône-Alpes, as well as Auvergne, to a lesser extent. While the old Rhône-Alpes and Auvergne regions each enjoyed a unity defined by axes of communication and the pull of their repective metropoles,[Note 1] the new combination is heterogeneous, and sustained lively opposition from some local officials after its creation.

Reparation de Fuite de Piscine, Auvergne-Rhone-Alps

Leak Master France Services in, Auvergne-Rhone-Alps

We understand your frustration when it comes to having a leak in your home or swimming pool, after all we deal with clients week in week out who have your problem. Your major concerns are probably the risk of any further damage to your home, pool & surrounding property along with the ever rising cost of water and chemicals when topping up your pool!

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Here at Leak Masters we are proud to offer the most complete home reparation de fuite de piscine in Auvergne-Rhone-Alps region. Our specialist team are able to pinpoint with extreme precision the exact location of your leak in most homes, pools, spas and hotels and clubs, within a single working day. Our team are not only PADI certified scuba divers, but are also experts in leak detection as we have been detecting leaks since 2009 – giving you complete confidence that you’re making the right choice when you hire Leak Masters France Pool Leak Repairs.

Our expert engineers use a unique combination of equipment including specialist microphones, tracer gases, thermal imaging equipment and specialist home and pool leak detection devices.

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Our engineers are able to locate leaks that have baffled others for years, using our unique combination of expertise and high tech equipment, we are able to locate leaks on all sizes of pools in domestic and commercial situations – indoor and outdoor.

We help home and pool owners, just like yourself to locate leaks without incurring expensive costs of experimental exposing of buried pipework or pool structure. Not to mention the time taken and costs involved in any remedial works required from just digging.

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On the day that we come to locate your leak in your home or pool you will be the only job of the day for your team – giving you complete confidence in the service that we are providing you with – no mistakes because the engineers need to be rushing off to another job! Just total dedication your your home or pool!

So we can carry out an investigation of the highest quality, we only use the highest standard of equipment.

Just look at some of the things we bring on site, making Leak Masters the Europe’s market leader in home and pool Leak detection:

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Our specialist swimming pool leak detection engineers

Thermal imaging cameras
Experienced and qualified PADI Scuba diver
Electronic listening devices
Tracer gases and gas sniffer units
Extensive pressure testing units
Pipe tracing equipment
Full length endoscopic cameras
Dye testing kits
Damp meters

Home and Swimming Pool Leak Detection and Repair, Pool Leak Detection, Water Leak Detection and Repair. Specialists in Finding Swimming Pool Leaks

Cities Serviced by Leak Master France:

  • Lyon
  • Clermont-Ferrand
  • Saint-Etitenne
  • Chambery
  • Villeurbanne
  • Annecy
  • Grenoble
  • Valence
  • Chamonix

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