Our approach to water leak detection and repair
Water Leak Detection and Repair

Our Approach

Detecting a leak is both a science and an art. Traditionally, plumbers and technicians would break through the drywall and pull up the floors to inspect the internal pipes. This method not only caused more damage than was necessary, but it was not always effective. At Leak Master France we use innovative technology and revolutionary methods to detect leaks without causing more damage.

Our non-invasive leak detection approaches accurately locate the origin of the leak without requiring us to drill through walls, flooring, slabs, and more. With technology such as thermal imaging cameras, snake cameras, acoustic sensor technology, and more, our technicians skillfully locate the problem, rather than guessing or utilizing the “search and destroy” approach.

Our Story

We do what we do because we know how frustrating and expensive leaks can  be. So helping you save money while saving our precious natural resources

100’s of completed leak detection & repairs carried out

Water Leak detection & Repair, Protecting your home from serious damage and potential health hazards. If left untreated, leaks can cause foundation damage, promote mildew growth, and more. We can detect and repair any leak in one day.


We carry out only the highest quality of Swimming pool leak detection Finding even the most difficult to locate Water Leak Detection . Together with a complete Swimming pool heater supply, servicing and Swimming Pool Leak Detection and Repair facility. 

Where is My Leak

Swimming pool leak detection and water heater repair. Most Leaks found same day. All repairs are carried out with highest quality products. Quotes for repairs are supplied after the Leak is found

Leak Detection Specialists

Swimming pool leak detection water heater repair is a specialist skill and is undertaken by highly trained an experienced individuals, all of whom are PADI certified.

What People Say About Us

Leak Master has been in business since 2004, starting in the USA and moving to the UK and Southern Europe 2009. Read what are clients think

High Tech Equipment

Each Leak Detection Team carry an array of high tech equipment designed to pin point even the smallest Leaks. Saving hundreds if not thousands in expensive repairs.


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